Sunday, 19 June 2011

download link for patho revision

memandangkankan seksyen dua adalah seksyen paling smart dan hensem. jadi kami persembahkan slideshow pathology practical revision utk korang. semoga maju jaya! harap berguna lah yeee.

utk Endocrine

utk Genitourinary

link 3 - histo


Sunday, 12 June 2011



Your Exam will be on Monday 20th of june in Lab1
You will have 5 spots:
2 stations will be slides on microscopes
3 stations will be the photos of jars from your curricullum

-You will be asked to describe the jar/Slide or you may have a question on it
Total exam time is 30 minutes ( about 4 minutes on each station)
You should be available 15 minutes before the time of your exam 

endo -

Slides for Male -

Female genital system -

Slides for breast -

Slides for breast -

Pathology - a study of disease